ij.start.cannon - Setup Guide to Canon Printer

Canon is a famous commercial mammoth for producing several technology products. Furthermore, Canon is a significant industry player with its lineup of printers. Additionally, their printers have become a necessity in many people’s personal and professional lives. Everything you need is available, including industrial printers and digital scanners in all sizes. Moreover, the print speed (ppm) is efficient with outstanding print quality. However, both new and old Canon printers need a configuration to work correctly. In addition, to function seamlessly, your printer devices would require the most recent Canon printer drivers or software. And users can obtain all that and more of Canon printers from ij.start.cannon.

Even though there are numerous printer companies on the market, people often choose Canon as their pick. Well, the term best printer has only one synonym, and that is Canon Printer. The canon printer is renowned for producing prints of excellent quality. To operate the printer, you must become familiar with the fundamental setup procedures. To enjoy the brilliance performance of your printer, the following information is all you need for Canon Printer Setup.

What is ij.start. Cannon?

Purchasing a Canon printer is as easy as its setup and installation. Ij.start.cannon in the default and ultimate platform, install the printer drivers on your Windows or Mac device after purchasing a new Canon printer. You may find instructions for downloading and installing printer drivers on this page. Furthermore, all you have to do is act according to the instructions that your device keeps giving you. Also, ij.start.canon provides updates for their Canon printer software and complete customer support.

Let’s go on to the procedure for installing the Canon Printer drivers and finish the configuration using https://ij.start.cannon.

Select Your IJ Start Canon Model

How to set up the Canon Printer Hardware?

The foremost step in the chronology of Canon printer Setup is installing the hardware device. Therefore, you must finish the hardware setup process on your system before downloading and installing the Canon printer driver:

Start by unboxing the printer device and removing it from the packaging.

Note: Make sure to remove all the tapping and any kind of plastic wrapping from inside.

Now, join your printer to the power source using the power cable once you have unpacked it.

After that, start the Canon printer.

Go to the control panel to adjust your choices for language, time, date, and location.

Now, gently add the paper and cartridge.

Visit the official website, ij.start. Canon, to continue further for Windows and Mac systems, and adhere to the instructions below:

How to Download Canon Printer Drivers?

After setting up your printer hardware, you must download the Canon printer drivers. This is another crucial step while performing the Canon Printer setup. Everything, from sending commands to printing, is under the authority of the printer driver. Thus, they allow your printer to function completely. Also, ij.start.canon is the only dependable website to download your printer driver from. For a detailed breakdown of the process, look at the steps below:

Launch a browser on your setup device

First, on your PC or laptop, open the default or any updated web browser. Here you can utilize the default one or explore other options, such as Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari (for Mac).

open web browser

Search https://ij.start.cannon

In the address field of that web browser, type “https://ij.start.cannon,” then press the ‘Enter’ key. It will direct you to the website with the updated versions of Canon printer drivers and software to download for your device.

visit ij.start.cannon

Tap on the "Set Up" option

Now you will land on the home screen of the website; here, you will see four options for different types of information. However, for driver download, pick the “Set Up (Start Here)” tab.

search product

Look for the correct Canon Printer model

After that, you will be taken to the product page. Furthermore, on that page, a box will appear, asking you to provide the model name or printer serial number. Hence, submit the printer model name, like PIXMA Pro9500, and press enter.

Download drivers for Canon printers

You will then be redirected to the page showing the driver download links. Now choose the “OS” as per your system’s compatibility. Following that, the download page appears automatically. Thus, you must select the “Download” option. After that, you will see another prompt on the screen, choose “Save” or “Save As,” and the download will begin.

Download Compatibility Of Driver

Users will have no trouble finishing their printer driver download by using the setup instructions for the ij.start.cannon printer and the driver download. Following the procedure, up next is the Canon Printer Driver Installation.


Instruction for Windows OS users

This section covers the Canon Printer Setup process for Windows devices. Furthermore, it tells users the device’s compatibility with the Windows OS version. Every version of Windows up to and including Windows 7 (SP1 with 32-bit and 64-bit computers other than Starter Edition) (up to Windows 11 with version 1607 and anything above) works seamlessly. Moreover, connecting your printer wirelessly with a Windows system is an effortless task.

Now, follow the instructions listed below to do so for a trouble-free printing experience:

Open your device’s web browser. Here, users are advised to open a safe and reliable web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla.

Next, in the address field of that browser, type and search for “HTTPS /ij.start.cannon”. 

Note: You must download all the essential Canon printer drivers for your Windows OS device when you visit the company’s official website.

Once the download is complete, open the files, extract them, and then install them.

Following installation, you will be prompted with two choices: “Wireless LAN connection or WLAN” and “USB connection.”

Next, continue the process by selecting “Wireless LAN connection.”

Go to your printer’s screen, select Wi-Fi setup, and then adjust the device settings as necessary.

Then select Wireless LAN setup under Device Settings>LAN Settings, and then click “OK.”

Now, your printer will look for a neighboring access point to pair.

Please confirm that the Wi-Fi router is ON and that the printer’s light is visible to be blinking.

When a list of accessible devices appears, please select your device and enter a passphrase to prevent others from accessing it.

You’ll see that the Canon printer is now linked to the network. Also, wait for a span of a short period before the connection is in process.

Setup Procedure for Mac OS users

Mac OS- Versions that offer excellent compatibility are 10.14, 10.13, v10.12, and OS X v10.11.

This section is for Mac OS users to complete the Canon printer configuration and correctly install the driver on their device. Therefore, step in and follow carefully:

First, go to the “HTTPS /ij.start.canon” page, the official Canon website, and download all the required drivers.

Next, install them to carry on with the process.

Now, you must click the “Apple” logo in the top right corner of your Mac OS device to access “System Preferences.”

After that, find the “Printer & Scanners” option from the menu after entering the system settings, then click it to start.

Now to add a new printer, click the “+” symbol in the “Printers & Scanners” menu.

After clicking the “+” button, a pop-up window displaying all the nearby printers will appear.

Thus, choose the Canon printer of your choice, then wait a while. The green light will then appear on the screen, indicating that the Canon printer has been successfully installed and paired with your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I use a USB to connect a Canon printer to a computer?

Connect the USB cord between the computer and printer, then install updated drivers and software for the Canon printer. It will be connected directly. As a result, you must adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

2. How do I install a driver from ij.start.canon?

A basic Canon printer driver installer kit and the http://ij.start.canon website are needed for installation. When the installation is set up on your computer or laptop, follow the instructions from above.

3. How can I fix the "Printer is not recognized" error?

This issue may occur during Canon IJ setup because of a loose USB cable connection or a lost WiFi connection. So, if the cable is broken and damaged, check it again and fix it. The wireless network should then be reconnected using your Canon printer.

4. How do I set up my Canon PIXMA G3200 printer?

You won't need to worry because the instructions above will guide you through it. The download and installation procedures for drivers for all Canon printers are now largely uniform. To install the printer, follow the setup instructions and the link above to obtain the most recent PIXMA G3200 driver.